Vessel Corp.


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  1. Video is to be around 90 seconds long. (more than a minute but less than 2)

  2. Video is scored on 3 different aspects. Difficulty, flow & editing.

  3. This challenge is all about pushing the boundaries. New tricks are encouraged but sometimes the easier tricks look great if captured right. So be creative with the editing and take your time getting that “Perfect Shot” after all you are putting it all ON THE LINE.

  4. Competition deadline. For the First round all videos will have to be submitted before July 1st & with the results being drawn on the 15th of July.



1st place: crowned FREESTYLE WORLD CHAMPION, 1x Rubber Jungle Wetsuit, 1 Year Contract with Vessel Corp + $1000.

2nd Place: $200 Store Credit with Vesselcorp, Free Wetsuit Shorts From Rubber Jungle Wetsuits.